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Merkez ‪Ibn Malik Information

Everything you need to know about Merkez ‪Ibn Malik

Everything you need to know about Merkez ‪Ibn Malik

Presentation of merkez: Our center located in Cairo (Egypt) offers Arabic lessons online, no need to move, you study your home totally immersed as if you were in Egypt. You study at your own pace and according to your availability thus not able to not familiar with this beautiful language which as you know is the key to the understanding of our religion.

Through this you can bi fedliLLAH learn Arabic in record time and eventually become completely autonomous to take advantage of the foundations of our scholars and their works. And much more you can prepare your order to arrive hijra in Islamic countries with the Arabic language which is a big plus to avoid losing money and can invest or engage in trade quickly without counting the possibility manage various administrative procedures, a real time saver that will be a major asset for your future hijra !!!

Our center will be pleased to meet the expectations of students beginning no confirmed with our different programs (more details on EVERY icons) from learning Arabic grammar, rhetoric, etc .. combination . Everything that encompasses the Arabic language, the key to understanding the language. Not to mention the learning of reading and rules of the noble Qur'an memorization. Welcome to our website and feel free to visit EVERY icons for more detail.

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